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Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style

Why practice Tai Chi?

Learn the ancient art of Tai Chi, a Chinese form of self-defense that has become a gentle form of exercise. Tai Chi relieves stress and helps you achieve peace of mind, improved balance, focused thinking, and better breathing. It’s safe for all ages because of its gentle, slow movements. It’s not just exercise for the physical body but for the mind also— a moving meditation.

What does Tai Chi involve?

Basically, it’s a choreographed routine of movements, collectively called a set, which can range from 8 to 150 movements. The set begins with deep breathing and warm-up exercises to warm up your muscles for further exertion. Once you’ve warmed up, you will begin the actual movements of the set, called postures, which focus on different parts of the body. The posture’s name will give an indication of what the movement involves (ex. Wave hands like clouds). Once learned, a set takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Interested in learning the art of Tai Chi?

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