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You too can use the Reiki energy to help others live healthier, happier lives!

We teach you the art of Reiki, so you can perform the technique on yourself and others. There are three degrees of Reiki and an attunement that corresponds to each degree. Each attunement is a class that usually lasts from 8 am until 7 pm with 5-6 students per class. At the end of this class, when the student has successfully demonstrated the teachings, they are awarded a certificate of accomplishment for that level. It’s the attunements that differentiate Reiki from any other hands-on process, and once you have received the attunement, you can use Reiki whenever it’s needed.

 Reiki Attunements:

1st Degree:

You become an open channel for the Reiki energy and learn the history of Reiki and how/when to use it. The hand positions used to heal yourself and others are taught in this stage.


2nd Degree:

At this point, you’ll learn three Reiki symbols that will enhance the treatments learned in the first degree. The Reiki master/teacher will show you how to visualize and draw the  symbols and the meaning of each one. Distance healing becomes possible after the second attunement.


3rd Degree:

This is when the student becomes the master! You’ll learn the master symbols that can be combined with the second degree symbols and also how to give attunements to others.


Practicing Reiki can lead to feeling “more complete and whole” and discovering your true purpose in life. Start your journey today by taking a look at the class schedule.

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Sunrise Healing Arts LLC, does not diagnose, prescribe, or cure. The information provided is for educational purposes only, so that an individual may make informed decisions regarding their personal healthcare.