Sunrise Healing Arts


It has been my pleasure to have received wonderful massages from Connie Herris at Sunrise Healing Arts for the last few years. She delivers a variety of massage techniques that successfully work to alleviate stress and pain in a tremendously tranquil setting. She possesses a huge body of knowledge from which she selects the precise application and technique to produce the most desired result. Additionally, she continues to keep herself well-educated on both ancient practices and new research.

I have experienced massages from a variety of professionals and Connie is, by far, the most effective and insightful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a profoundly beneficial healing experience. ~ Steve K


I was having headaches and I wasn’t getting any relief from medicine or chiropractic. So, at the suggestion of my Mom, I made an appointment for a massage. At my very first appointment, Connie was able to get rid of my headache and I felt great! One day, at Connie’s suggestion, we tried Jin Shin Jyutsu. Since that first session, I’ve switched over from having a massage to doing Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ). I don’t know how to put JSJ works, but I just know that I feel so much better after a session!

During my time seeing Connie, I was also having some stomach issues. She came up with a “game plan” to try to help me get some relief from the pain. We’ve tried different things and continued working until we found something that would help. I am on the Energetix products (that she sells) and am getting much needed relief!

Connie is a wonderful massage therapist, but she’s also a friend. I always look forward to my sessions with her! ~ Michele W.


I have been seeing Connie for several years for energy work and healing. She is very skilled in each of the modalities she uses. She is very in tune with my body and can determine where my energy maybe stuck. I feel so much more relaxed and balanced after our sessions. I have been able to release blocked energies which help me live my life’s purpose more fully. ~ Carol H.


I started seeing Connie right after suffering a severe concussion in 2013.  I first started receiving Cranial Sacral Therapy and then included massage and other energy work.  I honestly believe that I would still have issues if I hadn’t received this treatment from her.  Connie takes the time to actually listen to your needs all while analyzing your movements, posture, etc.  She is very professional and considerate and creates a wonderful, warm relaxed atmosphere.  She has met my needs physically, for relaxation and confidence.  After a session with Connie I am totally relaxed and completely renewed in mind and spirit.  I would highly recommend her for all her services. ~ Kristin A.


I came to Connie several years ago with acute pain in my right shoulder caused by a break, surgery and then shoulder replacement surgery.  Connie has worked with deep massage and pressure point therapy and I am now pain free in that area.  Her treatment has given me relief and a sense of wellbeing that no one else achieves.  Thank you.  I can’t say enough about her touch and care.  ~ Fern T.


My family has been going to Sunrise Healing Arts for 12 years.  Connie is truly a miracle worker!  She has helped me personally with many ailments.  I used to suffer from migraines due to an injury from an epidural and now I only get migraines maybe once or twice a year, if that.  I have had incredibly tight muscles in my neck and upper back and every time I leave Connie’s I feel like a new person – it feels almost like magic.  She has also worked on my children.  One of my sons used to have repeat ear infections as an infant and antibiotics weren’t helping.  We even had tubes put in his ears and he still got infections.  We then went to Connie and never suffered from another ear infection and he is now 7 years old.  I can’t thank her enough for everything she had done to help our family.  We are truly blessed to have found her and have her in our lives! ~ Lindsay M