Sunrise Healing Arts

BioEnergetic Practitioner & Wellness Consultant


  • Helps to start the healing process
  • Opens the channels of communication between the cells
  • Safe Detoxification
  • Better Digestion
  • Better Elimination
  • Better Body Awareness

We have two bodies…..the physical body and the energetic body.  The energetic body drives the physical.

As a BioEnergetic Practitioner and Wellness Consultant, Connie taps into the energetic body and “listens” to what your body needs.  The process begins with opening the channels of communication within the body to help it to heal.  In other words, Connie works with the design of the body and the design of the body is a flow system.

This flow system is a communication between systems, organs and cells of the body.  If there is a communication breakdown between the systems, organs and cell disease can result.

By “listening” to your body energetically, Connie can determine what nutrients your body needs to open the communication.  The nutrients can be nutritional such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals or with homeopathic remedies which stimulate the body to detoxify or repair and nourish.

With the proper nutrition, the body has the ability to heal.  Bioenergetics takes an integrated, holistic approach to the wellness of both mind and body.  It contributes to the healing of tension and stress and encourages a healthy balance of physical and mental energies

If you are interested in learning more as to how Bioenergetics can help you improve or lead a more healthful life contact Connie for a consultation or complete the contact me section of this web site.